4 quick tips to keep your jewelry shiny and fresh

Although all of our delicate handmade jewelry is meant to be worn every day - it needs a special touch of TLC (tenderness, love and care). Because they are handmade and contain materials such as silver, brass and gold plating, they are a little more delicate and precious than most. Even so, caring for something precious doesn't have to be demanding!


Here are 4 quick tips to keep them shiny and new for the long term:


Tip #1: Last Carried, First Laid

Get into the habit of putting your jewelry on last thing in the morning, after you've put on your lotion and makeup for the day (kind of like the finishing touch!) and taking it off at night (before you shower and change). This will give your pieces a little extra protection from perfume sprays or getting caught in clothing.


Tip #2: Shower alone

Soaps and hair products can dull the shine on your jewelry - really get back to nature when soaping up and don't let your jewelry keep you company. The same goes for working out and swimming.


Tip #3: Home, Sweet home

We pack your jewelry in cute little storage boxes, not just because they are super cute! Let them spend time relaxing in their little home when you're not wearing them to avoid dust and tangles.


Tip #4: Polish it, polish it well!

Every two or more is a good call to show your jewelry some extra love by investing in a jewelry cleaning solution and polishing cloth! Consider this your meditation ;)

  • Aug 18, 2021
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