Every piece of Mon Précieux jewelry is precious and should be treated as such. To keep your custom jewelry shiny and like new, follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Make-up before accessories
Lotions, sprays and some cosmetics have chemicals that can harm or tarnish your jewelry. To keep your custom piece in good condition, be sure to put it on after you do your makeup and hair.

2. Remove it for cleaning
Your custom jewelry hates household chores as much as you do. Cleaning products are also full of chemicals that could diminish their shine. Don't take chances - remove your jewelry before wiping down windows.

3. Jewelry and the pool are not a good match
Everyone loves a refreshing dip in the pool on a summer day. But, pools and hot tubs are full of chlorine that can discolor your jewelry. So, play it safe: when you put on your swimsuit, remove your jewelry.

4. No jewelry in the bath
Your soaps and shampoos make you feel clean but can damage your jewelry since they also contain chemicals. Wearing your jewelry in the shower can damage the precious metal and diminish its shine and luster.

5. Keep your jewelry in a box
Properly storing your jewelry will keep it looking new. Keep your custom jewelry in a box where it won't get tangled up with other items. A jewelry box with a felt lining is a great idea, but you can also use a simple shoe box with fabric to keep your items safe. Anti-tarnish strips are also a great investment to prevent oxidants from tarnishing your jewelry.


All jewelry can tarnish over time, but you can take care of your jewelry.
At Mon Précieux, we recommend a quick clean of your gold and silver jewelry at the end of the day, using a cleaning cloth to remove fingerprints and grease that may have accumulated.

And, once a week, we recommend a deeper cleaning - use a half cup of warm water with a few drops of liquid soap, and soak your jewelry for 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and wipe dry.

Silver jewelry deserves special attention, so for this precious jewelry, we recommend a silver polish.
You can buy quality silver cream at most jewelry stores, drug stores and even supermarkets.

Your custom jewelry reminds you of your most important moments in life, so treat it with love and care, and it will last a lifetime.